Tuesday, February 22, 2011

math hunt

I reviewed the math hunt app. In this app it is a timed game where you have hunt to the answer to various math problems from addition to division. The object is to get all the answers done before the time runs out. this app would be good for fourth and fifth graders wanting to practice basic math facts. this app has different settings so you can change the skill level as well. this app is a free app and is a good way to challenge students in basic math facts.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Clock Master

Finally an interactive clock! Clockmaster app provides a tutoring mode and game mode in the traditional digital clock. A reading mode for players to practice telling time is the other mode provided. It even allows for users to take away the minute hand and practice the hour times. At the end of your game, the app gives you the chance to update your progress. This free app made for telling time would work great in the classroom, because it allows for presentation under a document cam as well as group and individual work. I app-laud this app for its use individually and for the class.

Logix Domino Lite

This week I decided to find an app that was more of a logic puzzle. Logix Domino Lite is a free app that allows the user to put dominoes in the correct places on the grid. There are several different options, including a small, medium or large grid, and levels "easy" and "normal". I think it a useful app in the classroom because it is a brain-game, challenging students to look for patterns and analyze the grid. When I first got the app, it was a struggle to get the dominoes onto the grid, because they did not seem to move unless I tapped both squares on the grid where they went. One of the nice things about this app is that when you click on a domino, it gives several options where it can be placed; however, it does not tell the player if (s)he has the domino in the wrong place. If the user realizes that a domino is misplaced, it can be moved in much the same way it is place initially. In a classroom, I might use this as an individualized activity for students who have completed homework early, or introduced it to students on the iPad, eventually challenging them to create a similar domino game in real life.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time Table Lite

Time Table Lite is a free math educational app for the Ipad. It is great for children to use to practice their multiplication facts. It is very easy to use. There are five icons you need to know, a house which takes you to the home page, an eye so you just see each math problem to review it, a pencil so you can solve the problems and then check to see if you have the right answer, an ear to hear the problems read out loud to you, and then a stop watch to challenge you. This meets a bunch of differnt learns, visual, audio, kinesthetic. It reviews the multiplication facts in a variety of ways to help the students really get the problems instilled in them. It is also great because the voices that are used are children's voices which is helpful as they cheer on the students using the app. The children playing this app do not have to read anything either, the app tells the child what to do on each page out loud. You can also email your scores from the app to people. This could be used in the classroom to give points in the math area. What is not so great about this app is that the free version only goes up to your 4 times table. If you buy the full version for $4.99, you get up to the 12 times table. I would definitely pay the 5 dollars for the full app for my classroom or my young children. It is well worth it and the children will love it. Its challenging but also educational!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Math Ninja

Math Ninja is a math app that allows kids to play while they learn math facts. This app lets you set up a profile that lets you pick what level you want to be on and what facts that you need to practice. You can choose easy, medium, or hard. You can also choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This app also deals a little bit with managing money. I do have a precaution when using this app though. Part of this game is to defend your tree house against a giant tomato and his cat and dog robots. So in order to defend it you have to shoot and use weapons. So depending on the maturity level of the class and what the school policy is about this sort of thing it may not be appropriate. This can help students work on their math facts.

The app that I chose to download is slice it! begins. This version was free and you are able to play 15 levels. There is a version that you can buy for 99 cents that you can play more levels on. To begin this game you are given a square. You have one cut and are supposed to cut it in half. The pieces are to be equal in size. After you make your cut it tells you the percentage that each slice is. There are various different pieces that you are to cut. As you go on there are more pieces that you need to cut each shape into. There are tips at the bottom to give some help. When cutting a triangle it reminds you that the bottom part of the triangle is bigger. I app-laud this app. I had fun playing it and I keep trying to get perfects when slicing the shapes in half.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Math Quizzer

Math Quizzer a free app available for the ipad, is a great way for students to work on their flashcards. The chalkboard view allows students to feel like they are in the classroom. Math Quizzer allows for students to pick to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. This free app also allows its users to work at their own pace. Beginners can take their time and more advanced players can be challenged on their speed. If the user gets the correct answers it will give a pleasant sound and if they are wrong there will be a vibration. While working on the math facts, Math Quizzer keeps track of how many problems the user has answered correctly and how many incorrectlyy (or whoops). I would include Math quizzer into my math classroom during free time or after students have completed their assigned work. With its ability to pick and choose which type of problems to practice on, students at all different levels would be able to use Math Quizzer. The one thing I did not like about this app, was that it allowed the problems to be like multiple choice. I would rather not show the answers to the students using the app.


BrainPOP is an app that can be used in many of the subject areas (science, social studies, English, math, arts & music, health, and technology & engineering). The free version of this app allows you to watch approximately three videos under each subject area. The videos are funny and entertaining, thoroughly explaining the topic that is addressed yet doing this in an enjoyable manner. After viewing the video, you have an opportunity to take a quiz on the video (10 questions, multiple choice quiz). This quiz tests you on the main points of the video. Teachers could include this in their classroom as a group viewing of the video and quiz, or break the students up into small groups to view the video and take the quiz. The videos included under the math category are: angles, comparing prices, & interest.

One addition I wish could be made, however, is that you would be able
to view more videos than are currently allowed. Overall, though, I app-laud this app and would definitely recommend you to download it. BrainPOP presents various subject area topics in an entertaining manner while still thoroughly covering the content, and it allows students to test their knowledge about what they have learned after viewing the video.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Number line is a free app that could be very beneficial in the mathematics classroom when learning about fractions, decimals, percentage, and their equivalents. The number line game asks students to drag circles containing a fraction, decimal, or percentage onto the number line and place it in the correct numerical order from least to greatest value. For example, the numbers 60%, 0.450, and 2/3 show up. The student would then have to place them on the line from least to greatest value. In this case 0.450, 60%, 2/3 would be correct order. The objective is to move from level to level at a fast pace and rack up points for correct answers. If the answer is wrong points are subtracted and the circle turns red until moved into the correct spot. As you move on the level become more challenging.

This app allows students to be tested on their knowledge of fractions, decimals, percentage, and their equivalents without giving a traditional test or quiz. Through this app students will be engaged and actively challenged while enhancing their mathematical knowledge. During a lesson an educators could incorporate this app to reinforce concepts or even make assessments based on student scores and pace. Overall, this app offers students the chance to test their understand in a fun and engaging way.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kids Math

I downloaded the app Ace Kids Math Games HD Free Lite and I noticed that it was a very simple program. This app was definitely for younger students but the advertisements that were displayed in the app were Absolut Vodka which I thought was strange and inappropriate considering it was a education app. Other than the poor advertisement, the app is easy to use and the pictures and animations are neat. Math kids only has addition and subtraction functions which was a bit pitiful considering that other apps can do much more than that. It was free, which is not a shock, because it was a very lame app. I think even children will be annoyed at how boring it is.I was app-alled with this app and I would not recommend it to anyone. If you are looking for a very simple addition and subtraction tool, then this is it. The link to this app is http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ace-kids-math-games-hd-free/id367798719?mt=8