Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Free Fall Money

    This app is $1.99.

The students practice counting money, both coins and bills, to make a given sum.

Pros: Students gained familiarity with using money. They are able to practice addition and give them an opportunity to manipulate money. It is nice for students to have this practice because it integrates technology and allows for an additional mode of intelligent. 

Cons: Although an interactive game, the students are fairly isolated in the learning process. If the student is at the level of the app, then it's a good fit. However, the app does not provide for a range of mathematical skills.

This app could be used in the classroom as an extension of learning about money value. It would also be a good center for students. It could also be an option for any free time that students may have. 

 Here's a screen shot of what the app is like. 

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