Monday, October 14, 2013

King of Math

King of Math Lite

Cost: Free

Pros: There are many different problems in each different area of math.  A student starts as a “farmer” and can level up their character to become a “king of math”.  It is very engaging and actually teaches students how to solve math problems while the students are having fun!  This is a great review tool for all types of learners.

Cons: This app is only for ages 9 and up.  If you have a student in first or second grade, this app would be too tough to let the students practice on.

Related Apps: There are two apps related to this.  These include king of math junior where there are harder math problems for older students and Math Formulas-Reference Guide which is a reference for students to use when they need to know an equation for a problem.

Applications to the Classroom: This is a great app to use when students finish their math workbook (if a classroom is using Everyday Math) or for some free time for students who finish early.

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