Monday, October 21, 2013

gFlashPro - Flashcards & Tests

Cost: $3.99

Pros: gFlashPro serves students, teachers, and trivia junkies alike. Easily allows you to download flash cards, assignment, quiz, and test inspiration. You can also store images and audio for reference or incorporation into a lecture, and much more. The little quizzes even allow educators to test their own proficiency in the fields they teach and help them build up on the areas where they could use a nice, quick boost. gFlashPro also keeps track of progress made when testing oneself.

Cons: A wireless connection is required to download new card sets, and view flashcards with videos. (Once downloaded, text based flashcards, cached images, and cached sound clips can be used at any time) It costs $

How I’d use it in Education: I would encourage my students to keep important facts and vocabulary terms recorded in this app and add to it throughout a unit. Before any quizzes or unit assessment, I would have the students study their flash cards to refresh their memory on the information. Studying doesn't have to be so boring; this way it is fun and effortless at their fingertips. I would also use this app to test myself on content I teach, especially when I feel I need a refresher. I have not used any similar app like this one before. 

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