Monday, October 14, 2013

MyScript Calculator

App: MyScript Calculator

Cost: FREE

The app MyScript Calculator is an engaging app that allows students and instructors the ability to physically write on their Ipad where it will be covered and solved by the program.

Pros: This app is very easy to use. Students simply write their equation and it is evaluated on the screen instantly. This provides instant feedback for students. Much more interactive then a general calculator.

Cons: Learners cannot build upon an answer. They must clear the screen and start the next process of the equation. This makes it difficult to show every step of a multistep problem.

Obviously the direct application for this program would be in Mathematics. However, instructors can use this in other classes such as in Science or History when calculating distance or velocity. This is an engaging resource for any instructor to use for students with the connection of the SmartBoard but it will be greatly useful in the hands of children when Ipads become even more prevalent in the classroom.

This app is similar to other calculator apps because it does do simple and complex equations. However, it is much more physically hands on for students/teachers then a regular calculator. It helps students learn how to write out equations and also give them practice for pen and paper application of knowledge for standardized testing.

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